Gandharva is your partner in your journey to health and wellness. With that approach, we go one step further by combining this wonderful healing technique of Sound Healing along with Sanj Hall, who brings his pioneering work with us. Together with Mamta Verma, a veteran in the beauty and wellness industry, we are one of the first to offer this unique strategy by integrating it with other healing branches such as Astrology, Ayurveda, along with beauty essentials of massage and skincare to name a few.

At Gandharva, we feel healing can be brought about in many ways and Sound Healing is one of the most potent forms of it. Sound healing technique uses vibrations and frequencies, beneficial to our energies to gently wash away the stress and anxiety stored in our bodies and brings that radiance and glow back with it.

Sanj Hall is one the most renowned practitioner of this amazing, ancient healing art. He has worked with this ancient practice for many years across the Middle East, Europe and Asia and has also adapted many of these practices to modern and contemporary lifestyle and well-being. Sanj Hall also works with many master craftsmen around the world to bring unique and sometimes, using rare and one of a kind sound healing therapy instruments.

Sound Healing is usually offered as ‘Gong Immersion or Gong Bath wherein you are bathed with the beautiful sounds and powerful vibrations of a gong and other sounds. With its unique meditative and therapeutic aspects, these vibrations bring healing sensations that stills the mind and soothes the soul. A gong immersion often includes the use of Tibetan/Himalayan singing bowls, Native American flutes, African or shamanic drums, hang drum, conch shell, chimes and tuning forks. It is a shortcut to bringing about a restive and restorative state to your whole being.

In fact, this ancient healing technique is now gaining prominence in modern medicine too. Hospitals around the world are using Sound Healing and music therapy in post-surgery rehabilitation, improving immunity and also help manage various ailments. Scientific evidence shows that a Gong Bath/meditation could bring down internal inflammation helping in quicker recovery.

So come and join us to experience this magical ancient art of healing, to restore peace, harmony and joy in your life again.