Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Semi-permanent makeup is a revolutionary trend in young females, who don’t have time in their busy schedule for everyday makeup. Getting up every day and applying makeup is a hassle for every working woman. To combat this hassle one can opt for semi-permanent makeup.
A semi-permanent eyeliner gives a proper shape and definition to the eyes.
Applying eyeliner is the most time taking part of a makeup routine, so having it permanently in perfect shape and definition will not only save the time but will also make one look beautiful at every point of time as they can actually wake up with the makeup on!
Well, the safety of the patient is our first concern, so the pigments that we are using is 100%natural, safe and toxic-free. Pigments that are used are totally organic and mostly the pigment used is vegetable pigment and doesn’t cause any harm to the skin. So, it’s a completely safe procedure.

Eyebrow Pigmentation (Microblading)

Are you tired of using eyeliners, pencils, etc to color your eyebrows on a daily basis? Get the perfect solution for the same for 2-4 yrs by microblading.

Organic dark brown color or a color matching your natural hair color is induced to give streaks that resemble eyebrow hair. Darker eyebrows or eyebrows with different shapes and arcs can be created with the help of microblading.

Semi Permanent Lipstick

Organic pigments of various shades of natural red, pink or color of your choice are used to create a lip color that lasts for 2-4 years.

These vegetable derived pigments are then induced in the skin of lips to create a permanent hue of natural and long lasting lip color.

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