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Lip Lightning

Dark lips are the most common issue faced by majority of men in India. It occurs due to various reasons such as smoking, heredity, genetics, or simply due to extra melanin deposition in the lip area.

It is the most prevalent problem faced by majority of men of all ages, but can be effectively cured, notwithstanding the period or extent for which dark lips has its effect.

Under Eye bag and Dark circle

Eye Bag treatment Eyebags can be due to family history, heredity hormonal issues liver or kidney diseases or any chronic illness. It can be corrected by camouflaging technique using Hyaluronic acid fillers.

Most Asian men and women develop a hollowness under the eyes which gives an appearance of dark circles. This may give a tired and dull appearance to the face even after a complete 8 hours of sleep. This can start as early as the age of just 18 years. Reasons can be due to heredity, familial, improper sleep, stress, high power spectacles, eye strain and long-time viewing of electronic devices, weight loss, smoking, etc. This can be corrected by hydrating the under-eye area by Hyaluronic acid filler and gives instant and gratifying results. The face looks naturally fresh.

Do you still appear sleepy, even after a full night’s sleep, or your eyes are swollen or undereye appears blackish or unusually tired ? 

This can be because of pigmentation under the eye, or a hollo wish tinge under the eye due to loss of fat in the undereye area. Both these concerns can be addressed with undereye skin lightning treatments or use of dermal fillers.

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