Hair Transplant

Treatment at Gandharva

  • Trichoscopic analysis and folliscopy tests are conducted before hair transplant along with some blood investigation.
  • We perform hair transplant by using the most advanced techniques of hair transplant that is ‘Bio FUE (follicular unit extraction method or Direct Hair Implant).
  • Under local anaesthesia surgeon will numb the scalp, then slits are made by the surgeon giving the hair a proper depth, angle and direction and the patient is conscious during the whole procedure.
  • Then micro-grafts (bunch of 2-5 hair follicle) are extracted and then with the help of a specialised forceps the hair is implanted to the recipient area. The procedures are performed by expert Plastic Surgeons. Optimum result-oriented procedure with no risk and one gets natural results.
  • Procedure takes around 6-7 hours including 2-3 breaks in between, patient will be in full consciousness during the procedure. After the procedure patient goes back home on the very same day and is called after 3 days to remove the bandage and 1st head-wash is done at the clinic.
  • Follow up is done at an interval of one month. Hair will start growing from the 3rd month and full growth will take around 6-9 months.
  • Cost of hair transplant will depend on the number of grafts required to cover the bald area. In some cases, hair can be transplanted without trimming the whole hair also.
  • Hairline is marked according to patient’s desire. Harvesting of graft from donor area is done with the help of an FUE machine which has a very small punch of up to 0.7mm to extract out the hair.

What is It?

It is a cosmetic surgical procedure. It is a permanent method of implanting a patient’s own natural hair from the back of the head (donor area) to the bald area of the head (recipient area) Transplant of eyebrow, beard, moustache can also be done using FUE method.

In the simplest terms, Hair Transplant is the surgery in which hair is removed from the donor area in the back of your head, where the hair is genetically programmed to grow for life and is transplanted into the balding and thinning areas of your scalp. Advanced Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure performed under local anaesthesia. Our doctors plan the surgery in advance, by carefully considering the stage of your hair loss, your goals and expectations. At Gandharva, we offer both a FUT Strip Transplant and FUE Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant procedures. Our doctors suggest and perform the technique that is best suited to you, based on factors such as your age and the hair density in the donor area. 

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