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Hair Fall

Platlet Rich Plasma Therapy

In this method, we superficially inject the patient’s own serum, extracted from their blood containing various growth factors and vital nutrients deep into the hair roots.

Hair Mesotherapy

Non injectable method in which vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, growth factors and hair peptide are penetrated deep into the hair roots to give them strength and nourishment. Use of radiofrequency in mesotherapy aids in proper penetration of meso solution deep into the roots, and it is a needle-less and painless method of stopping hair fall immediately.

GFC (Growth Factor Concentrated PRP Meso)

A pure, highly concentrated growth factor preparation from patient’s own blood, done in a specialised kit.

Micro needling Growth Serum Therapy

Helps in increased hair growth by increasing the blood circulation of the scalp and also by increasing the absorption of various products in the scalp with the use of derma pens and dermaroller.


  1. Natural Hair Growth
  2. Non-Surgical Treatment
  3. Regrow New Hair
  4. Strengthens Hair Roots
  5. Stop Hair Fall
  6. Improve Hair Thickness
  7. Improve Hair Quality
  8. Increase Hair Density
  9. Prevents Balding
  10. Prevents Hair Transplant


Mesotherapy- What is it?

It is a spa for your hair roots. While the salon hair spa nourishes the length of the hair, making them soft and shiny, Mesotherapy is a treatment done at a dermatological clinic that nourishes the roots of the hair, giving them strength and deep nourishment.

Treatment at Gandharva

It is a treatment mainly for hair loss. Vitamins and growth factor rich peptide serum is sprayed on the scalp and then it gets absorbed within each and every hair follicle with the help of radiofrequency. Sometimes, it is injectable also, in which serum is superficially injected into the scalp to strengthen up hair roots.
A serum rich in ingredients like hair peptides, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants required to make the hair roots stronger is applied on the scalp, followed by a relaxing electroporation procedure. This inculcates the serum into the hair roots and increases the blood circulation to the scalp so that the beneficial nutrients get absorbed into hair roots.
It is an extraordinary nutrient therapy for hair roots that controls hair fall within 3 sittings. This gives nutrition to the hair, hence strengthening the hair roots.


  1. Strong Root
  2. Healthy Hair
  3. Stop Hair Fall
  4. Remove Dandruff
  5. Improve Texture
  6. Increase Density
  7. Style Hair
  8. Safe Procedure
  9. Non-Injectable
  10. Increase Volume

Growth Factor Therapy for Hair

A highly beneficial treatment for hair, as it contains concentrated amount of growth factors that are extracted out from patient’s own blood.
It has a long-lasting effect on hair and skin. And the effect of growth factor therapy lasts for a very long time.
It helps to get rid of dandruff, stops hair fall, improves hair thickness and volume and covers the bald patches of the scalp. It is a non-surgical treatment with no side effects and is completely risk free.
Various cells are present in our blood i.e. fibroblasts and other potent cells like A cells. These cells have the capability of generating new cells and fibres replacing old cells and thus rejuvenating the hair cells.

Treatment at Gandharva

  • Complete scalp examination through different tests at clinic only.
    Proper diagnosis of causes of hair fall by an expert trichologist and treatment is planned accordingly.
  • One session per month is advised for 3-6 sessions, depending on the degree of hair loss for people with a strong family history of hair loss.
  • Its maintenance sessions are recommended once in 3 months to sustain hair growth. It is important to check vitamins and ferritin level of blood to ensure appropriate result of this therapy There are no side effects as the patient’s own blood is used for hair growth. This procedure is done under minimal local anaesthesia.
  • Its duration is of 1-2 hrs and has no downtime. Therefore, the patient can resume work right away!
  • Patient’s own blood is extracted and the serum is separated from the blood with the help of centrifugation. This extracted serum is treated with growth factor releasing solution to obtain the growth factors. The serum so obtained is rich in growth factors fibroblast and A cells, when induced in the scalp promotes new hair follicle growth and improves hair quality and stops hair fall.


  1. Safest Procedure
  2. Effective For All
  3. Prevents Baldness
  4. New Hair Growth
  5. Improves Density
  6. Cures Alopecia
  7. Improves Confidence
  8. Hair Styling Will Be Possible After Proper Growth
  9. Stops Hair Fall
  10. Eliminates Dalume
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