A compact ecosystem of people crazy about bringing perfect Health, Looks and Joy in others and their lives .

Gandharva, as a Wellness brand believes that it is only by aspiring to achieve our best Physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual self; we can live life exhaustively. With the recurring demands and Stress placed on us by the consensus driven, constantly changing world, our Wellbeing requires continuous attention, care and effort. Gandharva provides many personally curated and customised paths to address this necessity!

Our abilities, skills, talent, knowledge, interest and experience straddle multiple disciplines, but we have one shared vision: to create a space which nourishes and brings joy and happiness to fellow human beings. We have great friends, great advisors, great mentors, great collaborators, great partners and we have big plans to reach out to many more at many more places. Everyone with whom our karma intersects and whose wellbeing we enhance in some way, becomes part of the Gandharva family.

Gandharva is a manifestation of the intentions of its founder Mamta Verma. After working in wellness industry for almost two and half decade something in her started realising that perfect wellbeing can never be achieved only by focusing on physical body. She understood that, emotional and mental body needs to be taken care of as well. And this realisation got more strengthened up because of her own journey of connecting with her own-being. It led her to travel to places like Bagan, Stonehenge, Monasteries in Ladakh, Pilgrimages like Amarnath, Orkney and Shetland in Scotland.
Her journey evoked something different and new in her which was the very sense of tranquility and peace. This convinced her even more to bring forward services and healing therapies for a better well-being of a fellow HOMO SAPIEN!

Gandharva became a reality due to strong support and guidance of Saurabh Chauhan (Business Partner) ,who himself is a fitness freak and spiritual being. It is his very articulated business sense that brings an edge to the whole paradigm of this well-being model.

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