Past Life Regression

A powerful tool to tap into the unknown world of your subconscious and gear you up for a spiritual explosion !
With the guidance of our PLR experts release what no longer serves you !
We only are conscious of 5% of our cognitive activity ,most of our decisions, behavior and emotions depends on our subconscious mind. Transform your life with the help of past life regression!

Intense emotional experiences are stored in each and every cell of our body and these emotional scars could be passed through generations ,receive guidance from your guides and strengthen your intuition !

We offer regression under supervision of experts with minimum of 10 to 15 years of experience. Discover your soul purpose and remove the emotional blocks hindering as you heal on emotional spiritual and physical levels. Submerge into the beauty of your innermost self to experience the life you deserve!

It is a non-invasive and gentle/safe therapy ,which works on three components of our body-the central nervous system ,brain and spinal cord.

It involves tapping on specific areas on the head to move the fluids in your brain and directly works on our nerve endings.

CST uses your own natural body’s healing powers to bring your Central nervous system into the Alpha state.

It uses the  power of conscious touch to heal -we all can differentiate between good and bad touch example when we hug a loved one we immediately feel joy and peace,hence,when given a safe environment, space and rest this therapy works wonders!

Craniosacral Therapy

Session can last from 45 minutes to up to 60 minutes.
CST can be used in combination of other conventional treatments to provide relief from various ailments.
Suitable for all age groups.

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